MotoComp carb parts.

MotoComp is the Keyster Japan South African agent. Keyster manufactures quality parts for Keihin & Mikuni carbs. that are often significantly cheaper than the OEM.
has been manufacturing carb parts since 1941 and has
ISO 9001 accreditation
We can now supply Dell'Orto and Bing parts (usually to roder only).

Through our association with Sudco International we supply original Keihin and Mikuni parts or complete carb - single or sets.

Our catalogues list Keyster carb parts for very many Japanese models from the 1960's onwards.
Note the Cross Reference Catalogues are split by make for Honda Kawasaki Suzuki and Yamaha.

ell'Orto, Bing and Amal - carbs and parts.

We do not have cross reference lists for European bikes fitted with Keihin & Mikuni carbs.
For guidance refer to the Sudco International catalogue where you will find parts diagrams & lists with OEM part numbers for some Keihin & Mikuni carbs fitted to European bikes.

There are catalogues (go to the
Download page) for:

Complete Keihin & Mikuni carbs - singles or sets (see Sudco catalogue)

Carb Rebuild Kits (Keyster, Shindy & OEM)

Float Bowl O Rings & Gaskets

Jets - Keihin & Mikuni type (Keyster make)

Air Cut Off Valves

Carb Pump Diaphragms

Carb Body Screws

Carb T Pieces

Carb Pilot Jet Passage Plugs

A carburetor is precision instrument so needs to be treated as such!  It will never work properly if parts are worn or not to the correct specification.

The internals of carbs wear. When wear takes place there is a loss of performance and economy. This happens over a long period of time so is not always apparent.

Rebuilding carbs using a repair kit restores performance and economy and is often a more economical proposition that buying a number of single parts.
It is essential that carbs for a a multi cylinder bike all be rebuilt. The bike will never run properly if only some parts are replaced.

When carbs are rebuilt and and balanced the bike will start better run smoother and perform better than it has in years as everything is back to the OEM specification.

Don't ignore parts like air cut off valves carb pump diaphragms fuel pipe and filters. They all contribute to operating efficiency.
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