Some Links to very useful websites!                                                                                                             Check the weather at this very reliable site before you go for a ride.                                                                                                        OEM parts diagrams and lists. Remember specifications may vary from market to market.                                                                                                                    You know what this one is about!                                                                                                                       You know this one as well!                                                                                                                     Yes! OK its cars - brilliant though!                                                                                                     A South African site. Could be the the definitive guide to motorcycles! Excellent.                                                                                             BMW bike (and car) parts list and diagrams                                                                                                Superbike Magazine South African Edition                                                                                                     PC Racing USA - air & oil Filters                                                   Find the spark plug for your bike                                                                      Pirelli tyres                                                                          Sigma Performance - slipper clutches                                                                                        Dynatek - performance electronics                                                                                                   American Performance Engineering                                                                                                               AGV Helmets                                                                                                               Sudco International - parts and accessories                                                                                                            K & L Supply - workshop tools and parts                                          Keihin Corporation North America                                                                                                               Mikuni carbs.                                                                                                Boyer Bransden Ignitions                                                                                                            Sharp - The Helmet Satety Scheme. Go here before you buy a helmet

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